Thursday, December 24, 2009

Peer pressure

Larry and Debbie met at a place called The Tasmen Sea, a restaurant in San Pedro. Debbie was a maid or something. Larry was fresh out of the Air Force looking to get laid. They wen't on a few dates. Larry's aunt tried to tell my mother that Larry was no good, he was a looser who would take all her money and split. Debbie didn't care, she was in love with him. Larry just liked getting laid.
A few months into this, I come into the picture. What do we do? Debbie asked. Get an abortion said Larry. Debbie dedicated against that. They drove to Vegas and got married. Debbie told her parents she got married and moved out. Larry brought Debbie to his parents house in the Ridgecrest. They lived with Larry's parents till I was born. We lived in a few places before we had a place of our own.
Larry and Debbie were still young and partied with their hippie friends all the time. There were always bottles of wine and beer laying around. I would pick them up and take sips. Everyone laughed. "Look at big Verne! The little brother can party."
My uncle Ronnie would stay over on the couch,he would get drunk, pass out and piss himself on the couch. He always blamed me. For the year he was there, I would get in trouble for peeing on the couch. I had to sit in the corner and repeat the words" I will use the big boy potty"

Years later I asked each of my parents why they had me.

Larry- All my friends were getting married and having kids, I thought I should too.

Debbie- I just wanted someone to love me back,

So there you have it. I am the product of peer pressure and my mothers desire to have a puppy.


  1. Peer pressure and puppy needs account for a whole lot of people!

    It's true those two should not have been breeding, but they did - and some of us aren't disappointed!

    Here's to you, friend!