Thursday, November 12, 2009

The day I got my spine back

The day I got my spine back.

Amelia was a bitch. No other way to put it, just a bitch. She was the neighborhood bully. At five years old we were all terrified of her. She would walk up to us and just punch the crap out of you for no reason. The playground at the apartment complex was hers. We had to ask permission to go on the swings or use the slide. She ruled that place.

One day this albino boy moved in. He came out to play and tried to use the slide. Amelia hit him in the head with a rock. He fell over and started shaking. One of the kids ran to tell Amelia’s parents. Her mom said Amelia wouldn’t do that. She’s a good girl.

The albino kid’s parents ran to the playground. Some ones dad wrapped albino boy up in a blanket and raised his feet up. He was taken to the hospital. He came back with six stitches and a broken nose. He never came out to play again.

Amelia threatened all of us. She’ll beat us up if we said anything.

Two days later Amelia socked my in the stomach because I used the swing without asking her first. I had enough. I waited till she was on the slide. I found a piece of 2x4. When she came off the slide I smacked her in the forehead with it. She cried and ran away.

I was scared. My parents were going to beat me for sure. I ran and hid in my frog toy box in the closet. I was in there for about an hour when I heard the doorbell ring. I could hear muffled voices. Something about suing and bills and that I should be arrested.

My father came into my room looking for me. He called out my name but I stayed in the box. He opened up the closet and pulled me out. He told me that Amelia is a brat and I shouldn’t hit girls. He told me he is proud of me for standing up for myself, but next time tell him instead of clobbering some one with a piece of wood.

We shared a common wall with Amelia’s apartment. The bathroom plumbing went out once time and the plumber removed part of the wall between the bathrooms. We could hear everything that happened in their bathroom. I woke up one morning to Amelia asking for her mom to wipe her butt. She was saying she got it all over and needed help.

I went to school and announced that Amelia can’t wipe her own butt.

She never bothered us again.