Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A brief history of amazing letdowns

I was standing under at palm tree. I was wearing a bright orange shirt with Fred Flintstone on it, blue shorts. I think I was barefoot.
My father was talking to my grandpa. “We’ll have to go to Mammoth.”
“Will you be able to get the whole thing in the truck?” asked grandpa.
All I heard was the word mammoth. I wanted an elephant and they were going to get it for me!  My father drove the truck around. It was White with green stripes down the side. On the trailer was a green elephant painted on it.
That proved it for me. I was getting that elephant. Dad had an elephant delivery truck. They can’t hide it from me.
Dad and grandpa drove off. I didn’t see them for hours. I knew that there weren’t any elephants where we lived so this made sense to me. My mom and grandma were in the kitchen. I was playing in the living room with my Weeble-Wooble tree house watching Yogi Bear. I overheard bit and pieces of conversation. “What do we do with the trunk?”
One of them said. “We’ll deal with that later. Come on, we have a lot of food to cook.”

Elephants have trunks. Elephants eat a lot.

I was excited. The truck showed up. My elephant was here! They pulled in and parked.

“Daddy can I see it can I see it?”

“Well you are sure excited.”
They opened the door of the trailer. My heart sank.

 It was a tree stump and part of the trunk.

I hated my family for a few days after that.


  1. Awesome and terrible. I played the shit out of my weeble wobble tree house. Truth!

  2. hahahahaha!!!! i had the weeble wobble treehouse too! my fav!