Friday, April 16, 2010

Coffee, books and cigarettes

So I went on a date. It was my first date in over twelve years. I had a blast, and I hope she did too. She has the most beautiful blue eye’s I’ve ever seen, with the exception of my own of course. I won’t go into details, but here’s a brief summary.

1. Get lost on the way there.

2. Two phone calls later I arrive.

3. One quick hug. (felt great by the way)

4. Question of what we should do.

5. Trip to a book store for coffee and books.

6. Phones explode with text from friends

7. An emergency call from one of her friends.

8. French toast for dinner.

9. Gasoline and cigarettes.

10. Back to her house.

11. Brief tour of the house.

12. I meet the pets.

13. A quick kiss and agree on a second date.

14. Walk to car and another quick kiss, she runs back inside.

15. 45 minutes to find a parking space.

I like her, I really do and I hope we can have some sort of future together, as friends, as a couple or whatever. I am happy just to know her.