Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The hits keep coming.

In 2006 I lost my sense of smell. I was sick with the flu or something and it never returned. I went to a few doctors and was told I was making it up and that this could never happen. I finally found a doctor that believed me. He said it’s called Anosmia. It’s a sudden loss of the sense of smell. I can still taste food although things are a bit blander.
A few months ago I started getting these weird electrical wavy feeling shooting through my head. It felt like it was my brain would turn itself off and on again like it was resetting itself. I was taking anti-depressants at the time and figured it was a side affect. They got really bad. I stopped taking the drugs. The electric brain fades continued.
I started smelling things that weren’t there, garlic, onions, this sickingly sweet perfume. I asked my doctor about it, he suggested that I see a neurologist. I went today. He said I have the symptoms of either Parkinson’s, epilepsy or it could be a brain tumor.
My insurance does not pay for any of the test for these because of my age. Tomorrow I start the appeals process.
 In spite of this, I will remain upbeat and positive.
Wish me luck

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  1. I'm a bit behind on reading your blog. I'm very sorry to hear this. Have you heard anything new?