Sunday, November 14, 2010

My dream tells me to never meet you.

You invited me to visit for a few days.
Sure, this will be fun. We both know I have been crushing on you for awhile. I get on airplane and fly out the next day. I am excited, we have never met before. We meet at the airport, we hug and kiss. The cab ride to your house is quiet. We hold hands grinning at each other.

We walk in your house. You say you brought me here for a reason. There is a girl you know that’s perfect for me. She will be at this party tonight, and you want to go so I can meet her.

My crush high pops as I realize that I just spent all my extra money on a long distance blind date. I am bummed out, but fuck it, what am I going to do? We have dinner, I clean up and we head out.

It takes an hour to get to the party. You point out little interesting things in your city. I’m still bummed about you and me, but I am having a good time. You ask if anything is wrong. I tell you how I thought we were going to be together.  You say sorry, but it just would never work out between us.

We get to the party. Everyone is nice and friendly. They are surprised I flew out from LA this time of year. We go on like this for a half hour or so, fake small talk, pretending that you actually give a shit about each other knowing full well that you will never see each other again.

The girl that you want me to meet shows up, she’s cute. We chat for a few minutes. She says she will be right back. You look at me and say I told you so. Yeah, you were right, so far, so good.

The girl comes back and hands me a laptop. She says that she likes to get to know people online first, there is no pretention online, people feel less inhibited and are more likely to just be honest. I feel the same way. She goes to one side of the house and I go to the other. We chat for an hour or so.

People start leaving. She says she is staying there and that if I wanted to I could stay and hang out with her. You tell me to stay there.

Everyone leaves the party. The house is dark. I can’t find her. I find a note on a counter saying that it was nice to meet me, but she can’t go through with this and should probably just go home.

I see the light on in one room. I knock. Someone says come in. Two people are having sex. I say sorry and close the door. I have no idea where the hell I am. I try and find my phone. It’s sitting on your counter charging. I find a phone on the kitchen wall. I don’t remember your number.

I go to a bedroom and try to sleep. 

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